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Features / Usability

Group Menu

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I previously had a group menu within the main application menu. That worked fine until it broke when the drag and drop function was introduced.

I would now rather have a specific menu for my group but now as admin i have 2 menus in the topbar. This group is sort of a specific anonymous group that have logged on using a user / user login. This group is called "anon"

Is there any way of stopping the admin from seeing this extra menu.

One possible way could be to use an editor group account with less than full admin premissions for regular maintenance etc but that seems a bit clumsily. Would it even work?

Maybe this could be done with some code but that is beyond my ability :-(

Any help would be appreciated.


posts: 59

One possibility would be to make the group menu a pagetop menu rather than a topbar menu.
Not perfect but workable.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions please? :-)


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