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Make whole site private


Just installed Tiki from Cpanel. 20.1
First time user.

Please tell me, how do I make the site private?
How do I turn off the Anonymous users?

Thanks very much, Aaron

I think the site Gary posted is to close the site for maintenance.
I turned off all Anonymous access - I have a specific set of people I let log in and I sent them all emails to register.
I think I went to the User drop-down selection under the gear at the top right - but the control panel users goes to the same place I think
I set the filter in the upper right of the local page to advanced so I could see everything
Then I opened the permissions - this provided a list of all user types with checkboxes for what they could do.
Then I unchecked all Anonymous user capability
I think this locks down external access - and prevents people from requesting accounts
The lowest level access on my site is registered
I haven't really tested this lockdown so I am not sure if I really locked it down.

I just started using tiki wiki this month

I hope this helps

United Kingdom
brian wrote:
I just started using tiki wiki this month

Welcome Brian, sounds like you're making progress! If you want to chat with other Tiki users you can find us here https://wikisuite.chat/ these days. We're in the process of moving from good old IRC to XMPP... so maybe see you there sometime?

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