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Hi everyone,

We currently run Geek.Zone on JustHost - who are great by the way! (I don't get paid to say that)

I was wondering if anyone knows of any hosts that are geared for Tiki specifically, as JustHost is not. Otherwise, any hosts that are really good for hosting a Tiki site would be much appreciated.



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Hi James,

Funny you mention this.
I had a very nice discussion with people from JustHost to have Tiki adjusted package.
I’ve planned with them already review and cooperation and it should start before the end of this month.

I suggest:

  1. Wait a bit for JustHost to serve you better
  2. Go for a more advanced hosting where you can set a WikiSuite (everything will be sizeable for Tiki - part of the WikiSuite).


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Thanks Bernard!

I thought I'd posted the list of Tiki Friendly Hosts but perhaps my wifi was on the blink...

Shared hosting is a bit restrictive for what we want to do at Geek.Zone anyway, so we are going to move to a VPS provided by BitFolk. If one is a hackspace or a similarly community friendly project they provide a VPS for free.

Since we are moving anyway, we very well may move from Tiki to WikiSuite. Is the migration quite easy?

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