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Tiki 19: Bootstrap SmartMenu losing layers of structure

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In Tiki 18, I used a CSS/Superfish menu . Created with the module 'Menu' from a wiki structure.
In Tiki 19 I'd like to switch to the new SmartMenu, so I changed 'Use Bootstrap menus' to Y but now I run into a weird problem.

The wiki structure I use is several layers deep, but the new bootstrap menu has become complete flat.
Is this a bug, or is there anything I can do about this?

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The SmartMenu script was added in Tiki 19 but (because of higher-priority tasks) hasn't been completely implemented yet. So for now CSS menus should be used for multi-level menus. Sorry about the confusion.

-- Gary

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Thanks Gary for you answer.
Any idea if this will be further implemented in Tiki 19.1?

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