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Re: Zuka Themes (Gary Cunningham)

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Hi John,

Thanks for the heads up. I've been updating the Zukathemes site to Tiki 19, including the theme it uses and how the homepage is done, and some links on the homepage still need fixing. I'll take care of that, thanks.

About the security warning, I'm not sure why that's happening. The site zukathemes.com does have an SSL certificate but the demo.zukathemes.com site doesn't, so a standard http:// access and not https:// shouldn't produce any certificate-related warnings, I wouldn't think. I didn't use SSL at the demo site because it's essentially read-only, etc., but I guess I should as secure access is increasingly the norm.

So you're using Firefox - is that on Windows, and is Firefox the most recent version?

I don't know what the business about the computer clock and site misconfiguration is about (I take it you don't see that notice when you access https://zukathemes.com?) but will look into it.

-- Gary

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