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Workaround for missing save button editing a structure

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Hi all,

I have created a bug report about this problem in Tiki 20+ where you can not save changes to structures.

Is there anyone who has an idea for a workaround,? This is a major problem for my organisation where some pages are incorrectly placed in structures.

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Looks like a bug... but here's a workaround:

  1. From the Structure page, click Add new child page.
  2. In the Add page window, enter a new page name (such as Foo) and click Update.
    This adds the page Foo to your structure.
  3. You can now drag-drop pages into your structure, as expected, and the Save button appears (again, as expected).
  4. Save the structure.
  5. Delete the page you created in step 2.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Another basic feature missing? Man these sure are adding up.

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I have found another workaround:

Instead of going to the structure menu, go to a random page in the concerning structure and click on the structure icon:
Structure Icon
It will lead you to: https://website/tiki-edit_structure.php?page_ref_id=XX&page=PAGENAME, and on this page the save button just works as expected!

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I am having a similar problem with v20.1 in that i cant change or create groups because there is no "modify" button on the confirmation popup.

Is there a work around for this?


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