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Category Permissions - how to set them?

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I'm completely new to working with TikiWiki (startet a few days ago with setting up my first wiki), and so far I am pretty thrilled because almost everything seems to work just the way it should. Almost! Maybe not an easy task for a beginner, but

I would like to set Category Permissions as described in the doc article on Permissions.

However, I can't find the place to do the task: assigning permissions to categories, or rather, giving groups permissions to certain categorgies.

In the docu article it reads: "Defining the Category permissions for the Press Releases category." - so that is exactly what I want to do, but I can't find out how. I have run multible searches, including this forum, and couldn't find the explanation.

Could someone be so nice to point be the right direction?

thank you very much.
- Martin

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Hi Martin,
it's on the Settings > Categories (tiki-admin_categories.php) page.
Next to any category there is a wrench icon - just click on it and there are actions and one of them is Permissions.


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