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Page name not showing on tiki-print.php

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Hi all,

Related questions have been asked for instance here but there are no answers that I can find. Does anyone have an idea why when clicking print, I'm missing the Page name at the top? What am I missing?

This is what the wiki page looks like:

This is what shows up when clicking the print button:

When I use the mPDF print button (which has a lot more features), as well as when I use the structure print button, I do get a title. It's just on single wiki page prints that the title is missing.

Some details about my setup:
Tiki version 18.2
Print wiki feature is ON
MultiPrint is ON
Display page name as page title is ON
Display page name above page is OFF (because this results in a small header in addition to the big header)
Hide title per wiki page is OFF

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