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I've just installed Tiki 15.7, my primary interest is limited to the Forum function. The Forum is located under a password protected directory root (People who don't have access to that part of the site don't even know it exists). However, I do want forum users to self-register with their own unique usernames and passwords (not tied to their directory access which is assigned).
As envisioned, there will be just one "forum" for the users, and I don't desire (at present anyway) to utilize most of the rest of the Tiki CMS features. I choose Tiki because of it's mailing list support in the forum (and I'm euphemistically "porting" a yahoo discussion group - most members being retired military and the saying about "teaching old dogs new tricks" is rather appropriate).

The software is installed and forum is established, but for starters I'm a bit confused as to the "flow" of the registration process, and what scripts are utilized during the flow as a new user registers, and upon account confirmation, how to get them directly to the (single) forum upon completion, rather than a wiki offering them a menu of options (that aren't being used).

Disclaimer: I'm a retired engineer, and my knowledge of php is somewhere between rudimentary and functional - I can (and have) edited php files successfully for manipulating the html UI and underlying apache/linux environment once I figure out what scripts are doing what, so tolerance and kindness (or at least pity) is also appreciated. This also raises another question about protecting my 'handiwork' - incompatibility being just an upgrade away - but that I'll deal with later assuming I'm not walking off a plank with my envisioned approach to customizing the environment for my users.

Anyway, assuming I'm not walking out on that plank I referenced, if a tree/flow chart (that I haven't yet discovered) is in the documentation somewhere, I welcome the pointer(s), but if not, and someone has that knowledge they can share, I'd be much appreciative!

posts: 25 United States

In my best Emily Latila voice: Never mind..

I found in the documentation enough helpful information that I was able to accomplish my objective. (Lots of stuff new to me that I need to get used to, starting with the document structure.)
I'm sure I'll have other questions later, hopefully not so basic - in hindsight - as this one.

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