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luciash d' being 🧙 wrote:

Ah! Great! Thought you are testing with Wiki page to Wiki page backlinks. That explains it.


Sometimes TikiWiki is no longer intuitive. When you switch on a feature like Backlinks, it tells you if additional features are required for that. But it does not tell you if some other switches buried elsewhere conflict with the feature. Or if some rights were (per default) turned off. Oftentimes not even the manual or help pages point you to look there, if the feature works in an unexpected way. This is especially bad if you got used to lots of features many years ago. My first Tiki Wiki installations were 1.x... And if you, like I do, continued to upgrade, the correct settings migrated upward, so you run into trouble when you create something new "from scratch". I specifically dislike the fact, that some configuration dialogs are split into different sections, but while the switches are listed vertically, the section selectors are horizontal, and they are not highlighted in any way. It is VERY easy to not recognize that there is another section with switches available...