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Re: GDPR Cookie Consent Function

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Uli wrote:

Dear all,
in Tiki 20 there is a possibility to enable a Opt-In field for Cookie approval (visible e.g. on https://de.tiki.org). This is great - but unfortunately I find no possibility to refuse, only to agree or to have the Cookie information popup on all pages during browsing.

Of cause it doesn't make sense to place a cookie with the info "no cookies allowed", but as other websites have functions for refusal I think Tiki should also have one. However such is executed technically...

Otherwise the Opt-In box doesn't make sense.

Or did I miss something relevant?

Thanks for your reply and
best regards

Actually, it is a legal requirement in the European Union. One has to have the option of refusing cookies, and you cannot totally block the user for turning the request down. Compulsory cookies are against the GDPR. And this rule is by no means new. Despite the fact that many people and companies claim that, the GDPR is to 95% a copy of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz of Germany, which is in force since the end of the 1970s...The main difference between GDPR and BDSchG is that GDPR contains penalties for non-conforming...

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