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Hi Luci -

Looks cool, but it appears that's dependent on the GUI, correct?
If so, alas, the GUI wasn't introduced until v. 19 or 20 as I recall, and I'm still working with v. 15.7, which means Tiki's response to that call would be a silent 'huh?" wouldn't it?
If upgrade is my only path to nirvana I'll bite the bullet, but I'd love to take a peek at the source files that generate the current list first, and evaluate the efficacy of a quick hack, if I can figure out what code is doing the dirty work there.
Unfortunately I'm a bit of an old dog learning new tricks and trying to sniff out a particular unfamiliar bone in a big pile of old unfamiliar bones - don't mind chewing on php code a bit if I can find the right code to chew.
So while this looks like one solution (which I thank you mightily for, and perhaps others so endowed with a Gui-supporting version will shed copious ratings point on you for it), I'll be patient and see if someone knows and takes pity on me and points out which file contains the 'magic code' (or if I stumble over it).

But for sure if there's no joy to be had that way I've got this solution to work with.. thanks muchly!

luciash d' being 🧙 wrote:

Hi Dan,
check this out: https://demo.luciash.eu/tiki20x/PluginList
You can put this in any wiki page:

Latest forum posts:
{LIST(gui="1" cache="y")}  {filter type="forum post"}
  {OUTPUT( template="table")}
    {column field="title" label="Title"}
    {column field="creation_date" label="Created" sort="creation_date"}
    {column field="post_author" label="Author"}
    {column field="post_snippet" label="Post Snippet"}
  {pagination max="5"}
  {sort mode="creation_date_desc"}

See the source code: https://demo.luciash.eu/tiki20x/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=PluginList&source=0