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Re: Tiki 18.3 keeps forgetting user settings

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hman wrote:

I see something strange: I have activated MyTiki and avatars. In order that everyone sees everyones avatar, I set (as admin) user info to public on all registered users (tedious. have to go through each and every user).

First: Changing a users avatar always changes the avater of the admin only...

Second: The settings user info = public is lost. I cannot see any regularity. I always click Save changes, and there is no error message. Also, all settings from MyTiki get lost. I activated all MyTiki checkboxes for all users, and they keep vanishing. Strangely, the features are nonetheless present. I guess this is a caching issue?

But the user info really reverts to private, no matter how often I set it to public...

Thanks for your support

I had the idea that maybe those tabs on the user settings played a bad trick on my, so I deactived them, therefore http://mydomain/tiki-18.3/tiki-user_preferences.php shows everything. When I set everything the way I want it and click Save Changes, the following information is immediately forgotten (and no errror message!):
- Country (location is not lost...)
- User information public reverts to private
- Mouse over user information shows info window (if user permitts)
- All MyTiki settings

There are many "Save Changes" buttons, and when I use one, the settings in the other paragraphs revert back. Sometimes, pressing Ctrl when reloading on FF helps, but sometimes not. VERY frustrating...

Thanks for your support

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