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Re: I do not understand the GUI logic of customizing the editor toolbar

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hman wrote:

Tiki 18.3

I wanted to do something simple: Add subscript and superscript buttons to the editor. The plugins for that are ready. When I drag the two icons from the middle to the right colum, I get a dialog where I can enter things. Nothings guides me what should be done there. After confirmation, I get the sub and superscript icons, this looks fine, but then the toolbar settings dialog refreshes, and the icons both vanish, leaving just a white question mark on blue circle and the text sub_1 or sup_1. And I cannot remove those icons, not by the suggested way of dragging them back, not by clicking on them and pressing "delete". I do get a dialog that asks me whether I really want to delete this tool. I confirm that, und sub_1 and sup_1 are still in the right column....

Thanks for any hints on how this should be used.


To me it seems like the reason why I do not understand this GUI is because it's broken. I tried this GUI on one of the instances created by me for other bug reports. So they are fresh 18.4 with no "disconfiguration" problems, and even there the edit toolbar GUI does not work. Say you want to add subscript: Drag (sub) from the middle to the right column. You are being asked lots of questions with no help whatsover (difference between name and title? And why are they not preset when sub has just been dragged from the plugin tools column? Not even the icon is retained from when it was in the middle column!

And then you cannot delete this new "custom tool". No way. According to the info text you could drag it back to the middle column to delete it. When you do that, nothing happens. A click will open the dialog from before, and there is a "delete" button. If you press that you are being asked whether or not you really want to delete this custom tool. When you click OK, the screen refreshes. And the custom tool is still there...

I have reproduced this on an instance, but not on one for a "full bug report", but I am now convinced this is a bug, because I find no permission that could block this. I am admin, anyhow. And even if there would be missing permission, I'd expect an error message...


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