Features / Usability

Features / Usability

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Jonny Bradley wrote:
{paypal' button_type="_cart" cart_action="add" item_name="The Thing" amount="42.99" item_number="item42" minicart="y"}

Thanks, this works (kind of), after removing the stray quotation mark after paypal. It also copes with fractions, but three issues remain, one big, one semi-big and one small.

The big is that the checkout button still doesn't work, which I attribute to a change of API by Paypal that no one coded into the sandbox interface of Tiki.

The semi-big one is that the cart display is partially painted over the window and partially (lower left corner) under the (middle) window. Looks like this plugin is incompatible to classic tiki layout.

The small one is that this GUI also ignores the Tiki setting of decimal commas and the trailing currency symbol for the euro.

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