Features / Usability

Features / Usability

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United Kingdom
hman wrote:
Your page looks very nice and polished, congratulations.

Thanks mrgreen it's geting there...

hman wrote:
[...] "where does the data go?", because every item you present on the grid has a basket icon that is an HTML FORM that communicates to Paypal, so Paypal holds the cart, do I understand this correctly?

The forms on the page would go straight to PayPal if minicart.js wasn't there yes. PayPal handles the checkout so that's where the data ends up, however, in normal operation it's just at the end when you click "Checkout" (which actually i think should say "Continue to Payment" or something).

PayPal has it's own terms and privacy policy which apply to the checkout process, the tiki site holds no personal information apart from the user's IP etc in the Apache logs, so i believe that is fine regarding GDPR complicance, but i'm not a lawyer. rolleyes

Thanks for the feedback!

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