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Anyone with experience on the Invoice profile?

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I run Tiki Wiki 18.6 on my test site, and I wanted to activate the invoice feature to accompany my small sales corner. I get the error message that I must run the Invoice profile.

Plugin manager says that the Invoice profile is for revision 8 and status "alpha". I do hesitate to apply this to my site that is already in operation. I have had some trouble to set up the sales corner, because back then I avoided using the profile. I later found that some of the YAML settings that are displayed on profiles.tiki.org were incomplete, but with some experimenting I managed to make Cart behave exactly like a show.tiki.org instance with the profile applied. There I had to make some small corrections, too (some permissions missing). And some (actually many) bugs I encountered on the way, opened a lot of bug reports for them.

Now I wonder whether it is a good idea to apply a rev. 8 status alpha profile?

Thanks for your help