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Features / Usability

Tracker record generation outside Tiki


Hi Jonny,

It's great to know that the community is developing an API for the Tracker feature. I suspect that this API will cater directly to someone with the same needs as I have. I didn't quite understand what needed more work, the API or the Doc page.
It seems, though, I will consider this option in the future and not right away, it's not critical to deploy the Tiki web app, which has my total focus at the moment.

This web app is an extension of the company's ERP certified software, mostly used for CRM and financials. The ERP package offers other modules that we need for a "premium" (meaning "ridiculous" ) price... The idea is that a colleague could generate work orders directly from the ERP to the Tiki web app, that other teams would use to plan, register and report all procedures.

I tried with Odoo, which is a very nice and competent package, but it felt like H&M and what we really need is a tailor, i.e. Tiki. cool

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