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A poor decision by the Tiki Admins

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Mike Finko wrote:

Hi Bernard,

Yes, your comment was sent my email so got to read it. Than, I went to reply and saw:
Screenshot From 2020 11 05 11 26 06

lol lol lol

While this may have completely nothing to do with the Community site being on the latest Tiki STS version (vs. an LTS), but it was totally funny how it worked out!!

Please see my comment above.


We changed the db engine so I guess it was just a bad timing.
Nothing to complain... volunteers are doing a great job. ♥️

Reading your answer and I really think that most Admins and User Admins are more conservatives than you say.

I don’t believe a lot of people are using Tiki22 on prod site (I do).

Still wondering what was your issue(s) to be pissed off. 😇