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Inconsistent toolbars and missing toolbar options

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arunrf wrote:

Im trying to set up toolbars . A number of features I add to the WYSIWYG toolbars on Admin Toolbars just dont appear on the Wiki page, such as spellcheck, and the order of tool bar option is different between the admin toolar interface anthe the Wikipage. I have tried changing Global settings, individual Wiki toolbar settings but it makes no different. Screenshot attached. HOw can I get this working or is it a bug?

This is exactly my problem right now.
Using Tiki 15 LTS.
It has to do with HTML mode, for strange reason the "external link" disappear when I force the textarea to be HTML, since I need the Articles be saved in HTML, but if I switch back to the Wiki mode, the "external link" reappear again.. So much frustrating, still trying things.