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How to make a 1000-page site efficiently?

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Love TikiWiki, but can I create a 1000-page site by bulk page generation?

I want to create a Wikipedia-style encyclopedic “wiki-base” to organize notes and files (and ideally help workflow) for the writing of an academic book on small mammals. This I’ll send off as a birthday gift to my brother who is writing the book. Something more efficient than MS OneNote.

Each of the 1000 species would have its own wiki page (the respective orders, families, genera would also have their own wiki pages). These blank wiki pages I successfully created with Structures (with a smaller test set). I have also used a Tracker with the WikiPage field type to create wiki pages. Importing a CSV (each row a species) to a tracker generates the wiki pages and populates the page with data particular to animal species (Order, Family, Genus, Species, description, etc). All the species pages are in the Structure. Nice!

Because 1000 pages are too many to do manually, I also need the species page to be pre-populated with the same headings, lines, boxes, formatting, preliminary text, tracker values (eg the animal’s taxonomic hierarchy), and maybe a module (eg Category Transition for workflow) to give the pages a consistent layout (like Wikipedia), to which my brother could then start adding his notes and files. The problem is that I cannot get a template to paste the content into the respective wiki pages that afterward can be used as a normal editable page. When I open it up for edit I see just {tracker …. and none of the text or layout. Or by another method there is text but just the {$f_ID’s are displayed and the not its data.

Might there be a new/better way of doing this and doing it efficiently?
Many, many thanks. Really!
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Hi Keith

Sounds like a fun project!

Why do you need them to be wiki pages? I think i would do the whole thing as a tracker (or three) and then use plugin list and templates to present each page as you need them.

However, it sounds like you're a long way along doing it all in wiki pages (although i'm a little confused as to how there is a tracker involved too), i'll try out the content template with a tracker plugin in it... seems to work ok for me, but maybe i've misunderstood?