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[CLOSED] TrackerFilter 'multiple select' printing problem

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I'm not sure if this is a 'bug' or maybe I just need to enable some local parameters via the Control Panel or (more likely) some php configuration settings on my hosting -

When using Plugin TrackerFilter 'multiple select' field (e.g. as a filter), all works good when 'listing' the items, however when using the Page Action button 'Print' it does not print the items, just the 'header'.

There are two 'PHP Error' messages about 'Array to String Conversion':
Screenshot From 2021 05 10 11 06 57

I also tested on the Tiki Dev site two places:
1) https://dev.tiki.org/Wishlist
here the 'multiple select' field worked correctly - when printing it displayed all the items

  • side note: the filters on this Dev Wishlist page only work for logged in users, it would be good to put a note at the top letting users know or they will think the Search does not work

2) https://dev.tiki.org/Wishlist-Search-Page , which is a bit different, it is a 'Custom Search', however the same issues - the items do not print.

The other option, 'pdf printing' works correctly, however, this is an extra step for users (first saving the list, then printing that saved document)


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Hi Mike

Looks like we're fixed here now, thanks to Oliver for the update 👍

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  • I believe the issues are caused by TableSorter.
  • neither of the Dev site 'Wishlists' have TableSorter, that is why they work - add a TableSorter and they will not print either, and will produce the same php error message.

So just had to remove Tablesorter.