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Contact us: Empty captcha value

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komelen wrote:


We need tu use captchas on our tiki (21.1 at the moment, not updated to 22 due to php 7.4 problems impeding local testing)
it seems that there is a bug since tiki18: when using captcha, there is always an error message:"!invalid empty CPATCHA value", and no message is sent.
this can be seen there:
http://demo.tiki.org/21x/tiki-contact.php (21.3)
http://demo.tiki.org/20x/tiki-contact.php (20.4)
And we don't want to alternatively use a tracker contact form, for many reasons.
Anyway, is this officially a know bug?

How could this issue be solved? The contact form is really important for many organizations, this is indeed a basic fonctionality, how is it that this issue is unresolved for so long?

thanks for your help.

Hello komelen!

I tryed with Tiki 21.0, 21.2, 21.4 and CAPTCHA doesn't work. However I've made a litle changes in some PHP/TPL files to make CAPTCHA works on Tiki 21.2.4 (attached zip file), but this fix affects anonymous comments (I had to disable this feature) and I have not tested the workaround on the entire platform.

Maybe you can apply this workaround while Tiki solves the issue if you don't require anonymous comments.