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Can tiki 22.1 still use console.php for rebuilding the index and clearing the cache?

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Jonny Bradley wrote:

Hi Michel

Those commands are still in all versions of tiki, generally new ones get added rather than any getting removed.

Some commands, like index:rebuild need the database to be up to date (and accessible) so maybe you need to do that first?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have completed the installation guide for a clean install of both version 21.4 and 22.1 (according to the instructions on https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki-Installation-Guide ).

And for 21.4 I got all functionality on the command line after those steps. And for the record, my version 22.1 website is running and can do everything regarding index rebuilding and cache clearing via the admin control panel, just not via the command-line using the console.php Tiki Console Tool as my screenshot suggests.

I did find other users with similar issues on this forum

However that last post was of a user that was using windows, and I'm simply running on Ubuntu 18.04 with apache2, php7.4 and MySQL 5.7.