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Jonny Bradley wrote:

p.s. your changes to wikiplugin_googleanalytics.php would break existing usages i think wouldn't it?
I reckon we would need some code in there to detect which version of GA is needed, no? (but thanks!)

Hi Jonny,

my changes are not backward compatible! The Google Universal Property (UA) is out of date since at least 1 year. In my script the user have to input the whole ID, no UA or G or what else is added, so it is more flexible ... I think the included script for the gtag.js is always the same? If so, there is no need to detect something - but I am not sure.

Another thing:
I want to modify the Cookie Consent Dialog. In addition we want to have a "Accept ALL" and "Accept only necassery"-button and some additional Text, like the way many other websites do. Can you give me a little tip, how/where to start?