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Can't set checkbox to n on listexecute action?

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Leena wrote:
Sorry about not sharing the code, I wasn't aware of the code tags before.

Ok I see you added quotes and it didn't help.
I have really a feeling about this "n" value being simply considered as null (just a feeling but your issue rings a bell).

Can you try using a "y" value instead ?

{filter field="tracker_field_REG_FirstEmailReminderSent" content="NOT y" }
{filter field="tracker_field_REG_SecondEmailReminderSent" content="NOT y"}

{step action="tracker_item_modify" field="REG_FirstEmailReminderSent" value="y"} 
{step action="tracker_item_modify" field="REG_SecondEmailReminderSent" value="y"}