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Need some help with DB collation woe

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Jonny Bradley wrote:
Which version of MySQL are you on? Maybe a minor update made it more sensitive to this?

I'll have to check. But I have another Tiki, also 18.8., running on the same PHP 7.23 at the same ISP, so I guess MySQL versions are synchronized as well. This other Tiki searches perfectly okay...

I am puzzled as to why search was set to Lucene. I do not recall ever activating that. If I remember correctly, Lucene has to be installed separately in order to use it, und I have never installed Lucene anywhere. Maybe this setting damaged something?

I just checked some collations from the SELECT in the the error message. Most collations are utf8_unicode_ci, but tiki_output isn't. It's utf8_general_ci. No idea why this is differing. And also no idea what tiki_output is used for? This table is completely empty (0 records)...