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Bug in PluginIcon preventing correct re-sizing?

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ok, my bad. After preparing the question for a long time, I realized I completely mixed up PluginIcon and PluginButton rolleyes

So, yes, I was referring to PluginButton where you can use the FontAwesome icons. The standard 'height/width' options in the gui do not change the size of the icon, only the size of the 'button', which makes sense.

I see you added: _style="font-size: 3rem"
which, of course, does change the size of the actual icon (there's a lot of info about em vs. rem sizing on the web).

So, no bug, But it's good Tiki has other options (like an image with a link) so users can find workarounds (like in my case, if I don't know css).

Thanks Gary, hope all is well,

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