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Can't upload images to wiki

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I upgraded to tiki 10.2 about a year ago, since when I have not updated the content of my site much.

Several times I have wanted to upload images to the wiki, but failed. It's not a big deal, because I can upload images via FTP, but I would like to get it working.

In the image upload form, the message "uploading file..." appears for a while and then disappears. I cannot determine that it has uploaded anything. There is no error message.

Could this be a problem with access permissions?

Is it something which might have been corrected in a newer version?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Phi,

do you store images in the database - which is not recommended? If yes, I would guess a possible permission issue - BUT when you upgraded you did mostlikely not change permissions. So unlikely permissions.

Do you store in the file directory of your Tiki?

If yes, I guess one of the following issues:

A) You store in a directory in the Tiki root in /files, which I do NOT recommend for security (because files should not be accessible via the domain which points to the Tiki root).

If you upgraded by loading (unpack FTP or SVN UP) a new fresh installation into a new directory on your webserver, you maybe did forget to change the file permission of the folder /files to allow the webserver / the Tiki to write into the directory (a serverside setting, you can make in the control panel of your server account or via SSH if available) -> set to 755 or 777 or better less, if your webservers configuration allows.

B-) You store in a directory "outside" of the Tiki root

1.) the relative path to the files directory might have changed, depending on how you organise your installations.

Path must be similar like

I usually have ../files/somename

../ means one directory level up (up or out of the Tiki root)

2.) you might have forgotten to copy or to move the files directory to a place "near" the new installation, if you wanted to keep the same relative path to the files. => move or copy the files directory to the appropriate relative place "near" the Tiki root to get the same relative path as before. If that is not enough, see the next point ( 3.) ).

3.) you might have copied the files directory, but the file permissions (chmod, webserver) or the user (chown, webserver) have changed. => Check permissions on the server.

Please check and report,


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I have kind-of found the problem and got back to the functionality I was used to.

Since my previous version (which I think was 2.0) the behavior has been modified to store images in File Galleries. I have now disabled this option and the upload works more or less as before. (I think it previously uploaded for the page preview, but it now only seems to upload when I save the page.)

I think the problem was that I haven't defined any File Galleries. At least the form shows a table with the text "no records found". In this case, it would be better if the "Upload File" button was disabled.

Would you recommend that I switch to using File Galleries? Would tiki automatically update the references in the wiki pages?

Thanks for your help,

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Ouch, I completely forgot about image galleries.

Image Galleries are depricated since a lot of versions .. I actualy barely remember a version, where image galleries have not been depricted ... 2, maybe 3.

Yes, I would recommend to switch, but I never heard about an automatic process.
And then the Id numbers ... this will brake your content.

This is why we still have them - backwards compatibility and preventing to brake content through upgrades.

I suggest, that you change your process and use file galleries for new images.

Then you can deside what to do with existing image-gallery images, evaluate the content of the site and evaluate the possible amount of work and time.

I do not know your site, nor the content, so this would be kind of a longterm project.
But eventually you will be on the save side.


I do not want to say more, without knowing more details.


Side note:
From 2 to 12 ... you might want to change the design of the website to make it appearing more modern? 13 has been changed to bootstrap.

You might be interested and have a look for it.
I find it way easier to create nicer looking sites.

But again .. details .. are you depending very much on a longterm version, or are you keen on some bumpy road to heaven?

I have one big project on 12, cause we have a conference in summer, then I will start switching to 13.

All the rest I develop in 13 (since it was early trunk).
You should have a look.