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Architecture / Installation

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I have a central tiki with 3 domains sharing the same database and file directory.
It's all working great.
= http://MajorNews.com/
= http://JESUSaves.com/

Is there a way to have each domain redirect to a specific page if only the domain name is entered?
http://JESUSaves.com opens http://JESUSaves.com/JESUSaves.com
but all other pages load as normal.
http://MajorNews.com/ opens http://MajorNews.com/WizarDave's+News+Feeds
but all other pages load as normal.

I tried setting up a global redirect from navigation, but it didn't work.


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With the Perspectives feature, you can specify a homepage for each domain, so you can use those pages you mention for the homepages of the respective domains. Are you using Perspectives now to have more than one domain at one IP address?

-- Gary

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