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Architecture / Installation

Gwtting the 404 error "create this page" to display?

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I have previously been redirected to a wiki page stating that the page I am looking for doesn't exist if the page had not yet been created.

Now I suddenly get the generic host 404 error page. Did I unintentionally edit a setting in the wiki some time during installation? I have checked everything and I am lost. How can I ensure that I get a "create this page" option on the displayed 404 page?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello VaMi,

there a a bunch of settings which affect the behaviour of "not found this page". In standard configuration of a fresh installation you should get a "not found, create this page" dialogue.

But with a few settings like "similar pages" or "go there when page not found" etc. this behaviour changes.

These changes of behaviour is intentional, but the high number options of possible configurations make Tiki kind of complex and an unexperienced user will easily get unintended or unexpected behaviour by "playing around with the optional preferences.

I can only suggest to make notes and document which changes you make to be able to revert if things go to a wrong direction.

Additionally it might be very useful to install one or several test-installations - maybe with a copy of an existing database. Tiki is not so hard to be installed, configured and maintained, but the complexity of this big system (Tiki is a beast, I know) alone makes things hard sometimes.

Best regards,