Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

after a fresh 12.3 installation : no permission given to admin for tiki_p_admin_users

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Dear all

Thank you very much for this great tool.

I have just tried to install tikiwiki 12.3 on my machine. Everything seemed to go smoothly during the installation process made via the wizzard.

Unfortunatelly, when I started to configure the installed wiki logged as admin user, I keep receiving the following error message when trying to perform crucial operation (managing users for example)

You do not have permission to use this feature: tiki_p_admin_users

Could anyone give me a clue on this?

Thanks in advance, Best regards


Samuel Kortas, PhD
Computational Scientist
KAUST Supercomputing Lab

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Very odd... it appears that your admin user account has become corrupt for some reason.

You can easily fix this issue:

  1. Re-run the Tiki installer (tiki-install.php)
  2. On the Install/Upgrade page, select Upgrade.
  3. Then, after completing, on the Configure the General Settings page, at the bottom, complete the Upgrade Fix item.


- Rick  |  My Tiki Blog |  My Tiki UserPage

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Hi Rick

Thank you very much for your reply and hint.

I did perform an upgrade following thoroughly your instructions but I have still got the same error. I also try with tiki 9.9 and the symptom is the same

Rick, what could I check to have more clue? I know how to program in php but the code is really huge. What could I try?

thanks for any help and thanks again for your work.



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Did you clear all caches (Tiki caches and your browser) following the upgrade?

You can also turn on the Tiki error reporting... it may help.


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Thank you very much Rick for your answers.


Clearing the tiki caches did not help. I tried a few things and finally found a workaround. I finally installed tiki-wiki as www-data - the user running the process apache. In that configuration, everything went smooth and fine.


To your mind, what could create a problem when I installed the wiki in public_html with files owned by a regular user? Were you aware anyhting that could cause a problem?


Best regards  and thanks again for your efficient and inspirating help.



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Hi Sam, and welcome to the Tiki Community!

Please, ensure that you run the script 'setup.sh' on a shell from the root folder of the tiki installation in your webserver. And choose the permission model that best suits your server setup (Debian server?).






Nice to see people from supercomputing labs using Tiki! :-)




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