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Architecture / Installation

v13.1 installer bombs on Windows server 2008 r2

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New member here, first post.
Trying to install Tiki 13.1 for evaluation purposes, not going well. I would appreciate any feedback, as at this point we are ready to move on to evaluating other CMS offerings, but want to give Tiki one more shot. I have read all the relevant threads on this forum and tried all the suggestions to no avail.

Server = Windows 2008 r2. No errors in Event logs.
Browser = IE 9 and latest version of Firefox, same results
MySql v5.6.22 (on same box) install is all good.
PHP 5.5.20 install all good.
Tiki-check says all good, even upped PHP memory setting to 256 mg to be safe.

The Tiki installer failed on database create. So using the directions here
I did these steps:
1.1. Create your db/local.php file
1.2. Insert tiki.sql
All good. I went thru all the steps here
all ok. phpMyAdmin says database looks good, I can query records there in.
Ran the installer, it bombed on the database page. So...

As per thread
- tried creating new admin user and put that in db/local.php,
- found install.ini.dist in /db, uncommented lines for local file and renamed to install.ini

Now, back in the browser, whether using admin, index or installer.php, tiki bombs with a blank page in the browser. I see this commonly at the top of any of those pages:
require_once ('tiki-setup.php');
So I try to run the setup page directly, but it has a comment at the top:
// die if called directly.
So one would not expect that to work, it redirects to Index. php.

Bottom line, on Windows 2008 r2, the Tiki installer is broken. We wanted to use this old test box to evaluate the product. Is this server supported at all? Does the tiki for windows server installer work on any versions of the OS?


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Hi Dean,

I cannot say a lot about windows, as I use Tiki only under Linux - even locally.

There seem to be bumps sometimes, but mor cause of only few people using windows. There are far more Linux versions around, but less problems.

Ok that mightnot help ... hmm more ...

3 things:

1.) to get somebody for windoes hints, you should ask in the user-list or in the dev-list. I am sure chances are higher to get Windows related answers there: Mailing+Lists

2.) for new development or evaluation check out Trunk please! Tiki 14 will be branched next week, released soon and it has Bootstrap and certain changed structures much more integrated then 13.

I loved 13, but it is a temporary short term provisional conversion version :-) . Great thing for a while and great job by a bunch of people, but 14 is already topping 13 even before branching ... in my mind one of the releases I ever most waited for .. if I would not work with pre-14 trunk in production since weeks anyway.

3.) try a very basic standard installation first:

  • download the .zip file
  • upload und unzip on the server
  • point the domain to the unzipped directory
  • create empty database
  • got to domain.tld/tiki-install.php and click through the installer
  • in the installer give credetials of the database
  • click furter an then enter your Tiki and lock the installer (it is a button)

I have been installing Tiki this way on Windows with XAMPP, no idea if this works with Win Server 2008 r2 aswell, but in general I believe, that you simply need to provide PHP 5.5 and somekind of document root and the correct path to the database.

My idea is to do the installation simple - and timeconsuming - first and when that is going well, then start the serverspecific stuff with shell etcetera.

With Linux I usually do
$: svn checkout http:...pathtotikidirectoryonsourceforge
$: sh setup.sh
then domain.tld/tiki-install.php like above

And then start with content or config after only few minutes.

Upgrades are this way:

Start coffee mashine

$: mysqldump -u user -p password etc. pathandnameofnewdumpfile.sql
$: cd tikiroot
$: svn up
delete tikiroot/db/lock
$: sh setup.sh
domain.tld/tiki-install.php click through til 'upgrade database' ... click through til 'enter and lock'

Get some cake or cookies, as coffee mashine is not yet finished with brewing.

How that might work out with Windows ... I don't know, sorry. But should be similar, eh?

I hope I could at least help a bit. As said ask in the mailing list and good luck to find the right CMS for your project(s). Chances are that you come back to Tiki anyway.


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Hi Dean:

Do the webserver logs say something meaningful for you?

If using Apache (available for Windows also), the apache logs would normally say something meaningful, when tiki displays a fully blank screen. 

Ensure also that when you install Tiki you enable Tiki to display the errors amb warnings to the users, for all users (no only admins).

If you could login as admin, you could also apply the profile "Debug_Mode_Enabled" (available from the Tiki Setup Wizard for 'Configuration Profiles' also)


you could also mimic the profile by adding those values included at the profile into the tiki preferences table.

Good luck,


(a pitty Tiki doesn't work out of the box for your use case; I wish more people had tested Tiki in that working environment, but it seems it may have not been the case; your input and feedback will be very welcome)


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Thanks for the responses so far.


Those are the exact steps I DID     :-(

As mentioned, the darned installer just bombs, empty web page.

The site states that 14.x is not yet the release version, so I went with the most stable one. I cannot use Apache, must use IIS in our environment. As mentioned, PHP 5.6 is installed, the Tiki Check and phpAdmin say all is fine.

I will try the other forums you listed.


As mentioned above, I looked at all the App, System, etc logs, not a single entry from MySql, PHP or Tiki.


That is the exact page I used to download 13.1. I used this link:

Download Tiki 13.1 now.


So from the responses so far, it seems Tiki does not work at all on Windows Serer 2008. Very sad.  I have already put a lot of time into this evaluation, will have to move on to another product. Has any one actually successfully installed Tiki on ANY version of Windows Server with IIS (not Apache)?






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I just tried installing tiki on my windows 8.1, same errors. With the lack of responses and this much trouble installing, we certainly cannot risk using Tiki in our production environment. The product seems to have good reviews on the LAMP side, but on Windows, this product is not ready for serious usage.

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Hello Dean,

I do not understand you. You posted here on Friday with a quite specific problem - most of us use Linux server for reasons. But you got four replies anyway and a few hints, including a pointer to the Windows installer.

What expectations you have! We are not a company. We are a private community and the forum besides other aspects is run voluntarily.

If you are not confident with the software and you want to move on to another one, that is fine for us. Relkly no problem with this.

But stay polite and civilized as long as you are here.


It is not very much welcome to post the same issue in two independant forum threads (doublepost).