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Error Code Generated While Deleting Image From Gallery

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Thanks for any help in advance,
When I try to delete an image from the Image Gallery, in our Tiki 12.7 installation, an error code

Error Error
Notice: invalid variable value: $_GET%22galleryId%22 = 2remove=5

is generated. Can someone please explain what is happening here? Thanks guys!


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the above error code appears when I try to delete an image while "Browsing Gallery?

I can delete images when gallery is shown in "List". But I cannot delete images in thumbnails.

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A few things to check...

  • Confirm your Tiki version — there isn't a Tiki 12.7. The current 12.xLTS version is 12.3. See here for details on current versions.
  • You mentioned that you were using an Image Gallery. This feature was deprecated in Tiki 3.x & 4.x — try using the File Gallery instead.
  • Assuming you're using the File Gallery to store your images, are you storing uplaods in the File Directory or Database? If using the File Directory, does Tiki have full write/read permission to the directory? Please see the docs for details.



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Sorry Rick, of course, I am running 12.3!

I used the File Gallery now and all is well and the images are being uploaded into Database, but I think you hit on the cause at the second bullet, I was using Image Gallery and that is a no no. Thanks for the help!

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