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Architecture / Installation

Database upgrade from 13.1 to 14.0 fails with 'TikiDb_Exception' with message 'Unknown column 'pageSlug' in 'field list''

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Dear community,

using the tiki_install.php to upgrade my database from Tiki 13.1 to 14.0 fails with the following message text in the browser.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'TikiDb_Exception' with message 'Unknown column 'pageSlug' in 'field list'' in /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb/Exception.php:15 Stack trace: #0 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb.php(161): TikiDb_Exception::classify('Unknown column ...') #1 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb/Pdo.php(118): TikiDb->handleQueryError('UPDATE `tiki_pa...', Array, false, 'exception') #2 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb.php(69): TikiDb_Pdo->query('UPDATE `tiki_pa...', Array, -1, -1, 'exception') #3 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb/Table.php(93): TikiDb->queryException('UPDATE `tiki_pa...', Array) #4 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb/Table.php(81): TikiDb_Table->updateMultiple(Array, Array, 1) #5 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/installer/schema/20140705_page_slug_tiki.php(10): TikiDb_Table->update(Array, Array) #6 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/installer/installlib.php(171): post_20140705_page_slug_tiki(Object(Installer)) #7 /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/ in /vhosts/wiki/htdocs/tiki-14.0/lib/core/TikiDb/Exception.php on line 15

Did not find hints when searching web or forum. What could I do to get over that hurdle?

Kind regards,

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Hi Boris

That column should have been created by installer/schema/20140705_page_slug_tiki.sql which should have run before that - i just tried that 13 to 14 upgrade here and didn't get the error, so maybe just try it again?

If that doesn't work try running the SQL in 20140705_page_slug_tiki.sql manually in phpmyadmin or something and then try again.

If you're still stuck try joining us on IRC and hopefully someone there might know what went wrong.

Good luck!



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Thank you, Jonny, highly appreciated.

That did the job.

Kind regards



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