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Tiki 15 Debut

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I know this is the question that developers just cringe when asked, it's like the question our kids ask on road trips, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? SLAP!
Just curious, is Tiki15 still shooting for fall release this year? SLAP! eek

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Hi jmorris,

sorry for late answer:

In short: We do not know.

Longer version:

We had a huge overhaulbetween Tiki 12 and 14, which did stress the capacities of the cmmunity very much. Only one example the heavy change to move to the Bootstrap framwork and thus responsive design.

Our main focus is to keep the upgrade compatibility consistent and stable without avoidance of new features but with a focs on stability.

In my personal feeling I see many influencial community members focussing more on consolidating on code and functionality.

Additionally we keep the plan (and promise) that 15 will become the next LTS after a while. Thus it must be a solid york and not a quick released more trunk like version (you can always copy your database and try a pre-15 trunk on the copy of your project).

Another aspect of delay is besides already late 14 release, th we are overhauling the community websites and we are working on new concepts like a themes shop, where community members and especially designers and templaters can present and provide themes to the Tiki users (I guess likely with free licences).

So we stll work on the code and o the release, but it might happen, that we have to discuss if we want to keep the release circle or if we see a new era in the way how we bring Tiki further.

Whatever community roundtable meetings and other of our communication channes will output as desition, I cannot tell if we will make it to release 15 this year, respectively thisautumn.

You might want to join our monthly roundtable meetings, o discuss with us in the IRC in #tikiwiki on freenode.net. Maybe developers like Jonny or Jean Marc or the guys from synergic know more.

Anyway, 15 will come in the end and it will be greater, as every Tiki is greater than the great Tiki before ;-)

Best regards,




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Torsten, thanks so much for the well laid out response, I can appreciate the time and effort it must take to bring this software to where it is today, and into the future.

I completely understand the timeline, the need to bring 15 to production only when it's ready, I am sure the users like myself all appreciate this philosophy.

Torsten, I wish I could help more, and I want to. I'd like to at least help clean up any area here on the Tiki main site by updating tutorials etc. I'd love to be involved in that. I am not a developer, but I do have patience and I can take screen shots of process's and edit tutorials here

I also like to donate to the project on behalf of my online community. We made two donations over the last two months, and we are a bout to make another in the next 24 hours, they are not big donations, but if we all made a donation then you guys could get paid! Thanks again Torsten, we appreciate it all!


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Very kind words jmorris,

this feedback is, wt makes volunteering people happy :-) .

And guess what: I am not a coder either. I aswell started volunteering with translation and documentation and later went to the community managing and communication team.

Step by step you learn more with all opportunities to develop yourself in whatever direction. And the learning results are valuable assets not only limited to one specific software. It is possible to develop to a professional IT profile if continuusly active.

And yes again, there are so many important tasks, where coding is an essential part, but not less essential are lots of others. The result is a package far more than only the code.

Best regards,

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Thanks heaps jmorris for your time, offer to help with documentation, tutorials, (even donations!), etc.You are VERY welcome!


And thanks Torsten  for your tireless work helping in the forums, users administration, etc.


Please, jmorris, do not hesitate to request for help, if you need any more permissions at any time on any of those t.o sites. And if you don't mind, we might have a more fluid communication in the tiki users list, because active tiki members are subscribed there. Unluckily, not all developers or Tiki project admins can follow and provide feedback on all tiki forums (), but we are subscribed to the email lists. 

See: Lists > Users


(another of the Tiki Project admins, which can not follow t.o forums as much as he would like, unluckily)