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Architecture / Installation

Tiki is looking for itself on the wrong port

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Good $time_of_day, everyone. Past versions of Tiki have unpacked and installed okay, but this time something's up. And I admit it seems to be mostly on my end. However...

I'm on an old MacBook Pro, using Apple Server (DON'T JUDGE ME biggrin) and I have a few other things running okay, like that install of DokuWiki, Drupal, Joomla, and a skosh of Wordpress. I wanted a copy of Tiki local so I could skin it for a friend.

I can specify a local URL (http://suchandso.local/tiki) for most things, but many of the links in Tiki try loading from a different port (http://suchandso.local:34580/tiki/tiki_cmdfile.php), and it fails to do so. Regularly and consistently.

34580 is a port specified in some of the Apple Server's files, and Tiki is drawn to it like a moth to a 404 error. No other apps I have on here have that proclivity.

There is a preference within Tiki 14 (the version I'm using, by the way) that allows you to specify the ports for non-secured and SSL connections. And yes, I could put an 80 in the non-secured box and hit Apply. And when the page reloads, there's the 34580 in the http_port box again. No amount of typing changes that setting.

Yes, I blame Server for the non-standard port. But Tiki is doing something weird here too, so I'm hoping someone has seen this behavior and knows what to make of it.


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Hello Territan,

sadly my last MacBook was a black G3 one and that was the one before OsX and long before I started with IT and FreeOpenSource.

But I know that at least one of our most active developers is using Mac and he definitely has Tiki running locally.

You should write to our developer list and aswell visit our IRC channel #tikiwiki on feenode.net. sk for Jonny, he should be he man to tell you how he runs Tiki locally on a Mac.