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Architecture / Installation

Tiki 14.2 svn fatal error when trying to open tiki-admin.php?page=wiki

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The errormessage when trying to load : tiki-admin.php?page=wiki =

Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/home/wikistar/public_html/templates/admin/include_wiki.tpl" on line 40 "

Plugin execution pending approval

This plugin was recently added or modified. Until an editor of the site validates the parameters, execution will not be possible.

" - Unexpected "s", expected one of: "}"

After saving this message; the part that begins here had been gone (I retypted it again):

- tiki-check is good
- database has been upgraded

I also have tried tiki 14.1 and trunk (15)

An other error:
No route found. Please see http://dev.tiki.org/url+Rewriting+Revamp

This last one comes half of the times. After trying once again, it mostly works again.

I guess it has something to do with the database; a specific style or command which is not compatible with tiki13 and higher? Or the serversettings even though tiki-check is oke

A new tiki instal with a new database next to it on the same server (subfolder) has the same serversettings and works well.

Can i export and import certain database parts to the working testsubsite for example?
Or what would anybody suggest to try?

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Hi evliemt,

"Can i export and import certain database parts to the working testsubsite for example?"

seems to be a good idea.


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I will try this in the comming week and will report my findings.

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Dear evliempt:

The first error is due to a regression bug in tiki 14.x. I'm in process of commiting a fix fort he next release of Tiki, but if you want to fix it yourself in your own tiki installation, replace the single quotes / apostrophes with double quotes in line 40 of:


where it says something like:

{button _icon_name='admin_wiki' _text='{tr}Pages{/tr}' class='btn btn-link' _script='tiki-listpages.php' _title='{tr}List wiki pages{/tr}'}

it should say something like:

{button _icon_name='admin_wiki' _text="{tr}Pages{/tr}" class='btn btn-link' _script='tiki-listpages.php' _title="{tr}List wiki pages{/tr}"}

There are many more files where this regression bug may have been introduced since Tiki12. If you see a similar error in other tpl files (regarding translated strings where you had a single quote in the translated text, then you need to replace the single quote with the double quote in the template yourself; or wait for the next release of Tiki where this issue should be fixed)

Cheers, and thanks for your import helping to detect this issue.

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Hi Xavi,

Thanks for your input!

I have fixed the bug as you mentioned.
But the first error is still the same.

That's no big problem; I still can try some things and only use the site for myself :-).

I will keep on trying and will report back when I could find some solution.

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Hi evliempt

You probably need to clear your tiki caches (through the tiki interface, or by hand server side if the previous didn't work for you).

Alternative workaround, change site language temporarily to English.


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Hi Xavi,

Thank you!

Today I tried that once again (I already have done this before).
It did not help.

When I have tried something more which helps, I will report back.

It will become ok one time :-)!

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I find a part of the problem (or maybe it is on other problem at the same time):
I also have the same problem such as here:
I also don't have the problem by tiki 15.0 svn, and the solution on the forum does also not work for me (deleting the folder and try again).


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Hi Eelco:

Please add a bug report ("Make a Wish") about it at http://dev.tiki.org and reproduce the problem in a show.t.o instance associated to that bug report.

This way there are higher chances that we can track down whatever pending problem might still be there.
For instance, if you switch the interface to English, you probably won't see that issue any more (you avoid the problem, associated with single quotes in translation strings, which break some templates which were not properly written to support single quotes in strings). Those templates are half way fixed already. Maybe some more template, associated with your case, needs fixing?

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Hi Xavi,

The problems feel like to be bigger then that; I give up; Even Tiki 12 could not be installed.
I have choosen to use a tools such like softspacoulus to install tiki 12.4.
This was the only thing that worked for me. Maybe I did something wrong, but I give up.

It's oke with this solution now.

I think I am not familar enough with technical websites and so to be able to define problems for developement.

Many Thanks for all the help and tips you and Torsten Fabrisius gave!


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I think I have found the problem now after all;
My php settings; php.ini (in my case .user.ini) where not set right.
Some details where not oke; Stupid me...

So; these problems where there to in Tiki 12.4 That's how I found the cause.

After setting it right as it should, now it works fine!

I think this gives oppurtunities to try higher tiki versions again too!