Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

New Tiki14 install - Unable to edit/create menus

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I have installed Tiki 14 and according to the checks everything appears good (with a few "ugly" items showing. With no additional features enabled I tried to both edit the existing admin menu (nothing shows when I click on Action) or adding a new custom menu. For the latter the popup displays asking for Name and Description but on submission no menu is ever created. Am sure this must be a permissions issue either in the database or file structure but as no errors are displayed am not sure where to look. Can someone please offer suggestions on how to resolve this?
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Hi Amitdeyus,

Can you please reproduce the issue in the demo tiki 14 instance at http://demo.tiki.org ?
And post a reply with the links and steps to reproduce?
This way it will be easier for some of us to help you.
Thanks and welcome to the Tiki Community! :-)

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Thats the issue - not sure how to reproduce. However I did a full clean install and it resulted in the identical issue.

Put simply I go to the Admin Menus screen to add a menu and no menu gets added. There is no entry in the tiki_menus table at all. The only resolution I have so far was to manually populate a line into the table. While I can add menu options I cannot change the name of the menu except by editing the table directly.

Any ideas?

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Ok blew away everything and reinstalled - did not change ANY plugins or settings from the default install. Used MySQLi MyISAM and then logged in, went to Menus and was unable to add a custom menu. What error log(s) should I be looking at to track down the issue.

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Resolved - blew it all away again and reinstalled with following changes:
increased PHP version
blew away all cache and cookies from chrome and firefox
and now its all behaving... (for now and hopefully stays that way)

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Ah, ok, ensure your system matches the Requirements for whatever Tiki version you decide to use at each machine.

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