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Change 'real name' to 'display name' text

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When someone is registering I want to change the text that says 'real name' to 'display name' I looked in the register.php file but that text is not there. Could someone point me to where it is, so I can change it? Thank you!
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Assuming you are using en, edit the lang/en/language.php file and un comment the line with the text you want to change (there are several versions of "real name" but none of them have both words start with lower case letters as you specified) and then change the value assigned and save the file.

To change "Real name" find this line:

// "Real name" => "Real name",

and change it to:

"Real name" => "Display name",
(get rid of the // that makes it a comment line)

Don't forget to clear cache after making the change.

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I opened the file you stated and only thing in there is a few lines of misc php code. There is nothing like what you suggest in that file.

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The file in question was actually in uk-en folder. Found the line and changed it, thank you!

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