Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

High Availability and Replication

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We currently use our Wiki for internal documentation. The problem is that if the data centre that the Wiki is in fails in some way, we lose access to our documentation, which may be required for the data centre repair.

Can we install a second Tiki server in another data centre, and have them replicate? Load balancing the URL will not be a problem, as I have physical load balancers which can handle that.

Can this be done?

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Hello Mark,

I cannot tell you off-hand how exactly you would do it ... you would have to play with cronjobs and shell scripts to export and import the Tiki databases, but yes this is possible. I guess it could be quite easy, aslong as the server settings and all software versions would be about the same on both hosts.

As long as you are not massively using multidomain (in conjunction with perspective redirects), Tiki is quite tolerant to just run with another domain on another host, when you move it from one host to another. I just moved a Tiki today in a few minutes, where the only thing in Tiki itself I had to change was a simple search and replace of subdomains in the multidomain configuration.

As long as you do not have absolute urls - no problem usually.

We (Tiki community) do that by ourselves with the next*.tiki.org websites, for example https://next.tiki.org/ or https://nextdev.tiki.org/

Whilst our normal websites run on the current Tiki release or pre-release versions, the next-versions are meant to be tested with the next trunk version, but with the same productive databases data.

If you use the exact same Tiki versions, for example doing svn up at about the same time on both hsts and if you would clone the database every few hours (we do that every six hours), you would differently from us not even need to use the Tiki installer (what we do script based).

So you simply clone and push the database to the other host (mysqldump > / mysql

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as you have been mentioning "Load Balancing", I recommend that you try to catch one of our system administrators in the IRC about between 12:00 and 21:00 UTC => freenode.net #tikiwiki