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Architecture / Installation

Tiki 15.2 installation issue -- "you need to run sh setup sh"....

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Am doing a fresh install of Tiki 15.2 and will be upgrading a 12.2 database. But when I try to install, I just get the following error message:

"Your Tiki is not completely installed because Composer has not been run to fetch package dependencies. You need to run 'sh setup.sh' from the command line. See https://dev.tiki.org/Composer for details."

I cannot do what's suggested on a shared server, which is how I've always run my Tiki installations. Is there no way to avoid this issue?

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You've never run setup.sh?
I do every time I upgrade. Including when I used to be on a shared server.
What host are you on? Maybe someone using the same host can help you.

My desktop is Linux Mint, so I just open Konsole which is a Terminal program.
Type in SSH username at mydomain.com and enter my password.
Then type = sh setup.sh
and pick defaults of the script by hitting enter.

If you use Windoze on your desktop, you will need to find a Windows SSH client.