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Architecture / Installation

Upgrade 15.2

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Since I updated my website in 15.2, I have the following problem :

I have an encoding problem :

In the search menu, if I write 'comité', (wich mean 'committee'), the program returns the pages containing the word 'comité'. When I click on, I get an error because the url connected is changed and 'Comita ©' apears.
In fact, each time the link contain an accent, I meet the same problem.
When I modify manualy the word in the url, ('Comita ©'replaced by 'comité') the right page appears.

Do you know how to correct this encoding mistake.


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First, you need to determine the encoding of your MySQL database.

Then, confirm that you selected the correct (matching) encoding during the upgrade (on the Set the Database Connection page of the installer).

Please see the docs for details.


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