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Architecture / Installation

Looping to Tiki Installer Security Precaution screen on upgrade from 18.1 to 18.3

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Hello, I've searched the databases and found other instances of people running into this problem, but most were over 5 years old, so I'm not sure if they would be relevant to this upgrade. The more recent I'm afraid I didn't understand their solution.

I am trying to upgrade from 18.1 to 18.3, but after I putting my initial information it keeps looping me around to the Tiki Installer Security Precaution page and then after I put in my username and password, back to the original install.php page, and then back to the Security Precaution, etc.

In the 12 years that I've used tikiwiki, I've never encountered this problem myself. I put in my database information just as I always have.

I'm afraid I am VERY computer illiterate when it comes to using tikiwiki and so I don't want to try any workarounds on my own without some advice.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me.


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Very hard to debug this case from away...

May be you could delete the files db/local.php (you must note somewhere your credentials) and db/lock so you restart from scratch your update process and set back the credentials for the connection with the database ?

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did actually end up deleting all of the files and re-installing them on my server, but ran into the same problem.

I thought to try going to 19.1 instead, but I only have PHP 5.6, so I'm going to try upgrading to 18.2 and see what happens.

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I was able to upgrade my PHP to 7.2 and so I attempted to upgrade the tiki to 19.1, but I have run into the same problem. The installer is still looping between the installer/upgrade page and the installer security protection screen.

I know it is not locked, because when I go to the tiki-admin.php it is giving me glaring warnings that my database is not upgraded to match the software and that the database is not locked.

I have triple-checked that I am using the correct MySQL database information from my former local.php file.

Do you think it would be safe at this point to simply re-install the older 18.1 files? I would not have to run the installer if I did that, correct? And since it was not running correctly it should be safe to go back to?

Thank you for all that you do,

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We are talking about an package release correct ? (not SVN)

The loop look to me like something wrong with the DB access.

  1. DB access
    Check db/local.php and use those credentials to connect to the DB using SSH or PHPmyAdmin to check the credentials are rights and this MySQL user has all the permissions granted.
    If you can access and have all rights on the DB with the user and password then Tiki should be ok.
  2. Files permissions and ownership
    You need to check your files have right permission and ownerships (may be something prevent local.php to be written or updated properly)
    I would use
    sh setup.sh
    from the tiki folder root - option f. I guess you re-run several the installer already... But in case of...
  3. Update the database
    warnings that my database is not upgraded

    As long as you have this one your attempts will fail as they were a lot of changes from 18 to 19 that need to be applied to the DB.

Again if you are online next Thursday... ;)

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Same here! with new installation, get the Tiki Installer Security Precaution LOOP!
Steps mentioned
1. DB Access (is fine!)
2. sh setup.sh done (www-data.www-data)
Problem persists!
Nginx, Tiki creates session in /tmp but obviously cant refer to it or read it, though owner www-data.

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This "looping" issue is often caused by the session data being stored in a location that Tiki can't access.

You can:

  • Confirm that Tiki has read and write access to the directory in which you store PHP session data


  • Change your session storage location to the database (instead of a file).


- Rick

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