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Re: Problem with thumbnails since upgrade to 17.2/18.2

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Many thanks to Bernard Sfez during the Tiki Online Open Hour. After we got around the difference of opinion on UTC, and struggling 30 minutes to get the webmeeting software working and installed with my microphone, we progressed on trying to resolve the thumb image problem. After exploring lots of things, and even straying into other problems I have reported (e.g. default File Galleries listing in the top-bar "42" menu), we tried one more thing at the very end. The SSH approach to cleaning the caches. (This was actually to see if it helped the Menu issue.) This seems like it may have resolved the thumbnails being generated in the pages. I am going through and unwinding the fixes, patches and similar changes now. Feel pretty stupid as I thought I had done this (clear directory directly versus the web interface to clear caches) as one of the checks earlier. But maybe not since the upgrade to 17.x then 18.x Seems to have helped a lot but not 100%. Still investigating further ...
UPDATE: took off the fixed notices, as it was not really widespread. Just the pages I was regularly checking. An example page now that has never shown the thumbnails is http://h600.org/wiki/Structure+and+ToC+editing . Beginning to work on replicating in other sites. Thinking this is a cache issue and maybe not browser or server based but in the network caches. So frustrating.

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