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Architecture / Installation

'Composer' does not work with shared hosting

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Just posting this so others do not spend too much time trying to figure out why Composer does not work in shared hosting (if I am incorrect, please correct me).

I've gone through a lot of documentation and it seems that:
does not work on shared hosting (e.g. cPanel) (with Tiki 18.3) I see some references to 'Blue Host' one particular hosting provider, but even there it seems to give instructions that involve the terminal, which, of course, is not available in shared hosting.

I checked the Composer webpage and it seems that it only requires php 5.3.2+ to work (I'm running 5.6). Maybe I missed some other requirements?

Maybe I'm not fully understanding. Or, if not, maybe features that are not available on shared hosting can be labelled accordingly so users clearly see this?


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Mike, I am hosting with A2 and have not had issues that I can recall using Composer, as long as I can remember Composer has worked without alterations. I use Composer with many Mediawiki plugins as well and there has not been any issues. Perhaps A2 has presets on our accounts that are friendly to Composer? I am not sure, but I just thought I chime in here and let ya know A2 shared hosting does not seem to have those issues.

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