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Architecture / Installation

Installation Problem on 19.x and 20.x

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Hi all,

I have an installation on IIS with tiki 18.3 and I could upgrade it to 18.4 without any problem.
Now I want to upgrade it to 19.x or 20.x, but with no success.

When trying to install a new tiki with 20.1 and after selecting a new mysql or the existing mysql db I get an error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Config\Exception\FileLocatorFileNotFoundException: The file "tiki.xml" does not exist (in: TIKI_PATH/db/config). in C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\vendor_bundled\vendor\symfony\config\FileLocator.php:71 Stack trace: #0 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\vendor_bundled\vendor\symfony\dependency-injection\Loader\XmlFileLoader.php(42): Symfony\Component\Config\FileLocator->locate('tiki.xml') #1 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\lib\init\initlib.php(133): Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\XmlFileLoader->load('tiki.xml') #2 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\lib\tikilib.php(59):TikiInit
getContainer() #3 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\db\tiki-db.php(153): TikiLib
lib('smarty') #4 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\lib\core\TikiDb.php(174): TikiDb_LegacyErrorHandler->handle(Object(TikiDb_Adodb), 'SELECT COUNT(*)...', false, false) #5 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\lib\core\TikiDb\Adodb.php(111): TikiDb->handleQueryError('SELECT COUNT(*)...', false, false, true) #6 C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\lib\core\TikiDb.php(89): TikiDb_Adodb->query('SELECT COUNT(*)...', false, 1, 0, true) #7 C:\PHP7\w in C:\PHP7\wiki-demo\vendor_bundled\vendor\symfony\config\FileLocator.php on line 71

Any ideas, where the problem could be?

Thanks a lot


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