Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Problems installing composer or package manually. Windows, tikiwiki ver 20.1

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I am trying to set up an SSO which requires composer and onelogin/php-saml package but I'm running into various issues. I attempted all the suggestions I could find via internet search and on the forums and I haven't had any luck.. I think i'm missing something (hopefully it's simple). If someone could help or even point me to some documentation (i don't mind doing the reading if needed), i would be grateful.

PHP 7.2.26 (C:\PHP)
MySQL 5.7.27
Windows Server 2019
Tikiwiki 20.1

Everything seems to work as expected except for package installation. I attempted to install "onelogin/php-saml ^3.2.1" and recieve error

"Composer not found Composer could not be executed, so the automated check on the packages cannot be performed. In Diagnose tab you can install composer."

I attempted to install composer under Composer Management via packages page and receive error "Error There was a problem when installing Composer."

After searching through forums I found this page https://dev.tiki.org/Composer

I scrolled down to the section labeled "Note for Windows Users"

I followed the instructions for Method #1 and I was able to run the command c:\php\php.exe temp\composer.phar install successfully. It appears to complete successfully but composer tikiwiki there's no change with being able to install a package, or with the site recognizing that composer is installed

I followed the instructions for Method #2, downloaded the Composer Installer https://getcomposer.org/Composer-Setup.exe, and ran c:\php\php.exe temp\composer.phar install without success.

I did some more searching and found this site

I tried the suggestion here and was able to get the command to run (c:\php\php.exe temp\composer.phar install) with the following in my composer.json

	"name": "companyname/wiki",
	"description": "",
	"license": "LGPL-2.1",
	"homepage": "https://servername.domain.local/tiki20",
	"minimum-stability": "stable",
	"require": {

	"config": {
		"process-timeout": 5000,
		"bin-dir": "bin",
		"component-dir": "vendor/components"
	"repositories": [
			"type": "composer",
			"url": "https://composer.tiki.org"

I also tried c:\php\php.exe temp\composer.phar require update-no-dev prefer-dist onelogin/php-saml:3.2.1 with no luck.

Finally, I went to https://packages.tiki.org/ and followed the instructions to manually install a package.

I clicked TIKI 20.x, downloaded "PHPSaml", unzipped to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tiki20\vendor_custom and the package is still not showing up in tikiwiki.

I am not sure what else to try, thanks for any help!

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