Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

First installation and configuration. | Creating menues etc..

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Wow... a lot to unpack in your post, but I'll try....

I noticed that Tiki-Wiki is around 21 times larger than e.g. Dokuwiki.
290MB vs. ~ 13.5MB.

Tiki has an "all-in-one" model. See https://tiki.org/Model for details.

Many of the options are not self-explanatory either.

Have you reviewed the doc site? Most options are fully documented.

Is there no profile that pre-activates all functions that I can choose?

A profile with everything on? No. But the Configuration wizard walks you through all options, allowing you to turn on what you want.

Menus are difficult to set up.
I want a horizontal menu as "upper bar" (under the logo).
But I just want a narrow bar with the words (Home | Forum | Blogs | Wiki etc ..) in it. No frame, no title etc.

See http://doc.tiki.org/menu to create your own menu.

And the logo ... Difficult.

You can use the Module logo to set all options, including titles and subtitles.

What size is ideal for a title banner?

I think it depends on how wide you set your site to be.

We need good long tutorials that show how to build such a website.

Feel free to check out my Tiki for Smarites site


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