Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

tiki 26.0 clean install new database File gallery settings.

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Robuste wrote:

Why am i the one to experience these issues :-)

As above if you don't use elfinder file gallery settings works fine.
If you enable and use elfinder you are no longer able to enter file gallery settings.
Disabling the feature does not help nor does doing an upgrade of the same version.

When is V26.1 coming out? :-)

Ok i have spent hours on this. i don't think the problem is with elfinder.
PDF files work fine whether or not it is enabled.

As soon as you upload a graphic file gallery setting bombs out as per the jpg previously loaded here.
As soon as the graphic file is deleted you can access settings again.
I have tried several files and several formats to check for corruption but the same problem
always occurs.
Am i missing a setting or something that is new with 26.x?


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